Dave Gittings

Ward 3


Commitment to Constituents

"Dave immediately contacted me and offered to sit down with me to answer any questions and address my concerns. I have met Dave on a few occasions and he is truly focused on his community and how he can give back." S.B.


"I was not only shell shocked that you answered your own line upon first contact, but with the empathetic tone and attentiveness to my situation that you demonstrated. It is refreshing to have a public figure who really listens and truly cares." R.K. 


"On behalf of all my neighbours, we really do appreciate your obvious support and assistance - it makes a difference to know someone is listening and trying to help." B.L.


"Thank you very much for the phone call and the email regarding my request. Your prompt and thorough response is both impressive and greatly appreciated!" C.T. 

Neighbourhood Safety 

"Thank you for such a prompt reply. You really are the most responsive representative we have had in the almost 40 years I have been here." N.G.


"I am so happy and grateful to you for your support in having this intersection made safer." L.M.

Navigating Town Hall

"Thank you so very much for taking the time to meet with us on Sunday. We could not have made it through this situation without your care and attention!" H.M. 


"I have sometimes wondered if logic and politics really mixed. You have proven that they can and do." R.W. 


"It's good to see that people running Oakville have a vision and also a practical approach to things, you have both!" J.B. 


"I appreciate all your work, Dave and your constant reassurance of being with us through all of this. We are very lucky to have you." P.H. 


"My wife and I would like to thank you for helping guide us to the right people at Oakville Hydro. Our safety concerns were handled immediately and corrective action taken within days. Thank you for all your help!"  B.A.S.

Neighbourhood Park 

"WOW!! Thank you so much for your prompt intervention in addressing our concerns. We appreciate all the work that you are doing for the community, especially about the playground issue. We find it heartwarming that the system works!" J.H. 


"Thanks so much Dave for your immediate attention to this matter. Your diligence is greatly appreciated by our family and our community." S.C. 

Graffiti & Vandalism

"Thanks Dave. It makes one feel better about the democratic process when those elected actually listen to residents' concerns." H.S. 


"You are doing a great job Dave! Thank you for your thorough, speedy and personalized follow up and follow through." L.N. 


"Thanks for your attention to our request - it is a pleasure to have a Councillor who is so responsive to the community." J.M. 

Dave's Commitment to 'Keeping You Informed'

"We appreciate these newsletters so much. This is proof that when we spoke, you listened. This communication is so wonderful."


"Great newsletter! Informed, we are indeed."


"Thanks Dave for doing these informative newsletters. They are the best "need to know info" I get about Oakville and I appreciate each one."


"Thanks for your newsletters, we appreciate the accountability."


"Thanks Dave for your updates. We appreciate your diligence as our Councillor."


"Thank you for your very detailed and concise newsletters. They certainly keep us informed."


"These newsletters are a great way of keeping us informed. Please keep sending them."


"Thanks for your newsletter, a welcome Councillor initiative. Please keep it up. Thank you so much for your very informative newsletter! Keep up this great way of communication." 


Election 2014

Keeping you informed. . .

For election information, candidates websites for Ward 3 Town Councillor, and email addresses please click here.